Factory Price|Highest Quality|With All Functions|My Love Doll Hina|Ultra Realistic Love Doll

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My Love Doll Hina|Ultra Realistic Love Doll|Factory Price|Highest Quality With Silicone Material|With All Functions What You Need

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Height: 148cm(4'10'')
  • 148cm(4'10'')
  • 158cm(5'2'')
  • 168cm(5'6'')
Head Material: TPE
  • TPE
  • Silicone(No Oral)
  • Soft Silicone(For Oral)
Body Material: TPE
  • TPE
  • Silicone
Hair Type: Wig
  • Wig
  • Implant(Silicone Head Only)
Vagina Seperation: No
  • No
  • Yes(No vaginal suction & only for TPE body)
Vaginal Suction: No
  • No
  • Yes(No vagina separation)


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Factory Price with All Functions You Need.

No clothes included, the product you get is the same as the picture.

Product Features:

  • Ultra Realistic Love Doll
  • Vaginal and Anal Capability
  • Steel Skeleton with Movable Joints
    movable joints
  • Standing: In comparison to conventional models, this one is equipped with a standing function, allowing the doll to stand in more diverse and flexible postures. However, it requires support from an external object. The default standing function involves nails on the soles of the feet, providing stability for the doll to stand (silicone bodies can opt for a nail-free standing option). If you wish for the doll to have a standing function, please make a note of it.
  • Vaginal Suction: The doll's body is equipped with an internal electric sensor that simulates a real person's climax suction. It not only intelligently regulates the suction rhythm but also incorporates textured designs inside the vagina for added friction. The suction function requires the lower body to be sealed for the suction effect to occur, and when using this function, it's advised not to open the legs too wide. The all-encompassing flesh-like embrace provides a more immersive pleasure experience. (Note: Electric suction and vagina separation cannot be performed simultaneously on one doll's body.)
  • Body heating: The heating feature utilizes built-in heating wires for warming. The heating process involves converting 220v to 48v, ensuring a safe voltage for charging. The temperature reaches around 36℃/96.8℉, with a heating duration of approximately 90 minutes (refer to the detailed instructions for operation). The temperature is regulated to be around body temperature (manual disconnection is required), and the insulation lasts for about 50 minutes (gradually decreasing to room temperature). The heating areas include the upper arms of both arms, the lower back, and the thighs (Note: The thighs in the case of a split-leg function do not have heating). The heating vent is located on the back (for silicone dolls, the heating vent is on the neck). Please be aware that the thickness of the doll's flesh may vary in some areas, causing uneven heating in certain instances.
  • Moaning: The intelligent conversation and touch sound functions work together.
    1. Intelligent conversation allows you to engage in dialogue with the doll (pre-set content, approximately 20 sentences, detailed instructions in the manual).
    2. Touch sound (for TPE bodies, there are 5 sound points: 1 touch point in the genital area, 2 in the chest, and 2 on the inner thighs. For silicone bodies, there are 4 sound points: 2 in the chest and 2 in the legs (slightly above the knee), equipped with touch-sensitive sound chips.
    3. The sound intensity and rhythm of moaning can be controlled by the force applied to the doll's touch points, creating different moans and achieving climax. This provides a lifelike experience.
    4. The combination of these two functions enhances the overall atmosphere during doll operation. It's recommended for a more immersive experience! (For TPE material, the sound device is located under the doll's armpit.)​​. You can also control the doll's volume with voice commands, asking the doll to speak more softly, and it will automatically adjust the volume, among other specific instructions detailed in the manual. Supports a 3.5mm headphone jack!
  • Jelly Breast: Jelly breasts are softer than regular breasts, providing a tactile sensation that is closer to the feel of real human breasts when squeezed.
  • Vagina Separation: The lower body can be easily exchanged, making it more convenient for cleaning(Note, vagina separation can not combine with Vaginal Suction).
  • Self-lubrication: Break free from lubricating oil; all you need is to add lubricating agents and a few drops of water to achieve lubrication, allowing you to enjoy a silky-smooth experience anytime.
  • Meridian and Vascular: In the replica of the human body, veins are faintly visible beneath the skin. Simulated vascular meridians can be observed in the feet, hands, chest, and inner thighs. (Since the meridians and blood vessels are manually processed, their positions may vary each time.)
    blood vessels
  • Thigh Separation: We will take "no thigh separation" as default, if you need thigh separation, please write in comments section before you make the payment and also the separated thighs will have no heating function.
    Thigh separation
  • Areola Color(When making order, please write areola color number you like in comments section)
    Areola Color
  • Pubic Color(When making order, please write pubic color number you like in comments section)
    Pubic Color
  • Pubic Hair(When making order, please write pubic hair style number you like in comments section)
    Pubic Hair
  • Hair Style(When making order, please write hair style number you like in comments section)
    Hair Style
  • Other Parameters(When making order, please write Model No. number you like in comments section):
    Other parameters

Package Includes:

  • Sex Doll
  • 110->220 Converter
  • Gifts(Arranging randomly)


  • Size for manual measurement, there may be several centimeters error, belongs to the normal phenomenon.
  • Due to the difference between different monitors, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item.

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Factory Price|Highest Quality|With All Functions|My Love Doll Hina|Ultra Realistic Love Doll

My Love Doll Hina|Ultra Realistic Love Doll|Factory Price|Highest Quality With Silicone Material|With All Functions What You Need

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